First Rodeo

*Please note that the first printing of Judith’s novel, First Rodeo, has transposed pages (a printer error). SparkPress is eager to remove these books from circulation and replace all misprinted copies free of charge. If you have one of these books, please contact Lauren Wise ( for a replacement copy.

Kate, an attractive, thirty-something, workaholic, single mother, is in the business of pleasing others. At the top of her “yes” list is her sometimes surly and controlling boss: her father. But when a crisis at work spurs Kate to examine her life, she surprises everyone by taking her young son and heading where few high heels have ever gone: Wyoming, home to more cows than humans. There, at the Prickly Pair Ranch, she meets a young, sexy, bull rider, who’s lived a lifetime in just over two decades. He’s full of big dreams of training horses, and his passion fuels Kate’s dormant dreams of becoming an artist, and sparks fly—and once again, Kate shocks everyone, even herself, and jumps on for the romantic ride of her life.

Fast-paced and wildly entertaining, First Rodeo is filled with humorous scenes of city girl gone country, encounters with handsome cowboys, the struggles of the creative process, and a powerful message: the greatest love of all is the love you have for yourself.

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Author: Judith Hennessey

Publication Date: September 20, 2016


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