Gridley Girls

Meg Monahan is hosting the wedding of her dreams for her best friend, Anne Calzaretta, while also keeping a secret she’s not prepared to face, let alone share. On the eve of the wedding, Meg and Anne flash back to high school, when things seemed so much easier to Anne. Meg doesn’t remember it that way. Torn between her half- Mormon upbringing and her yearning for adventure, Meg feels like she just might lose her mind.

Meg, Anne, Jennifer, and Tonya were known as The Group in their rural town of Gridley, California, in the 1970s. Now living professional lives in Sacramento, they discover that in many ways they are still trapped by their high school reputations.

In her debut novel, the first in a series based on true events, Meredith First tells a timeless story about the bonds of friendship, loss, betrayal, and the forgiveness that is within everyone.

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Author: Meredith First

Publication Date: September 4, 2015


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