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Unlike other author-subsidized publishing options, SparkPress offers both POD (print-on-demand) and short print-run options. Due to the high caliber of our authors and because many authors are now preferring to self-publish rather than turn over control and profits to large publishing houses, we feel it’s important to clarify these two options and why we make them available.


Print-on-demand is a popular technology that allows books to be printed as they’re ordered. Because books today are printed from digital files rather than being typeset the way they were years ago, POD is a solid option for authors and publishers alike, as it removes warehousing fees and means that you are only printing books based on reader demand. SP partners with Lightning Source (LSI), the world’s leading print-on-demand service, for its POD solutions. In addition to providing books to-order, they also maintain a digital catalog where your book will be made available.


Short print-runs are an important consideration if you’re an author who believes you can sell 500-1,000 copies of your book in the first year. If you have a built-in readership, or if you’re a person who does workshops or public speaking events where you will have the opportunity to sell your book in-person, a short print-run will give you a better return per book. SP does not cover the cost of printing, but we will warehouse your books and fulfill direct orders, and we have relationships with print houses and can promise very competitive printing rates.


SP provides order processing, warehousing, and fulfillment for non-POD books. We take a small service fee off your sales for these services, which add up to far less than what you will pay Amazon for the right to sell your book and fulfill your orders. These services are for authors who sell books directly, either through their websites or in person. When you sell direct, cutting out the middleman, your profit margins per book increase exponentially.