Oh What a Treat!

36 Cute & Clever Food Crafts

What can you do with peanut butter wafer cookies, tootsie rolls and a dash of imagination? Create edible high heel treats, of course! And that’s just one of the 36 delightful edible crafts you’ll find in OH, WHAT A TREAT!

These crafts are good enough to eat! Follow along as Sandra Denneler, a graphic designer by day and food wizard by night, and a SheKnows.com Expert reaching over 75 million women readers each month, creates delightfully delicious recipe that you can easily recreate in your own kitchen.

Author: Sandra Denneler

Publication Date: August 18, 2015

About the Author

Growing up, Sandra Denneler’s favorite book was the 1973 World Book Encyclopedia’s Childcraft Volume 11, Make and Do. She’s been making and doing her entire life. An art director at Wichita State University, Sandra also enjoys creating edible art in her kitchen. Her son, Gus, and daughter, Bea, are completely unimpressed with her crazy baking skills. If given the choice, they would rather eat an Oreo cookie. Sandra and her super-talented, woodworker-hobbyist-husband, Eric, have made a fun home together in Wichita, Kansas ad do creative projects that can be seen on their blog Project Denneler. Sandra is also a SheKnows Expert in food.

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