SparkPress is unique in the world of publishing because we’re neither traditional publishing, nor are we self-publishing. We bill ourselves as a “third way” for authors, and we proudly occupy the gray zone, a much-needed alternative in a rapidly changing publishing landscape. Unlike self-publishing platforms that publish whatever comes through regardless of quality, SP works with its authors to ensure that their books will be well-received in the marketplace. Unlike traditional publishing houses, which buy the majority stake in your book but often don’t deliver when it comes to providing the editorial and marketing help you need, SP gives authors a traditional house experience, complete with an experienced editorial and production team, while allowing them to retain full ownership of their project and earnings. We have been called hybrid publishing, partnership publishing, and co-publishing, and all of these terms are representative of what we do.

SparkPress is an independent, hybrid, curated press that’s both mission-driven and community-oriented, aiming to serve writers who wish to maintain greater ownership and control of their projects while still getting the highest quality editorial help possible for their work. Every expert we work with has been hand-picked, so you will work with editors passionate about writers and writing, many of whom are writers themselves.

If you’re interested in publishing with us, we want to start by getting to know more about you and your book. When you submit your work to SP, you get an assessment of your project, which includes an evaluation from our team about how “publish-ready” your book is. We accept projects that we deem to be ready for publication, and suggest how to help you get there if we don’t think you’re publish-ready. Whether you end up publishing with SP or not, we want to provide you with expert coaching and/or editorial services to get your manuscript to the finish line. The submissions process is an opportunity for you to get an honest, professional assessment of your work, and also to discover what’s not working and how to fix it (something most agents and publishers simply don’t have the time to do).  Read more about our submissions process.

When you publish with SP, you get a transparent understanding of what you’re paying for, and the assurance that all projects published under the SP brand will meet our editorial standards. We strive to offer a collaborative experience and editorial excellence that—combined with your hard work—will result in books we can all take pride in.