Star Craving Mad

Maddy Braverman, thirty and single, has taught first grade at an elite private school in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village for the past six years. Angry at herself for not moving on, Maddy is distracted from her pity party with a new student—Lola Magdalena, daughter of A- list celebrities Nic and Shelby Seabolt—a last-minute addition to her class roster.

When Lola breaks her arm on the playground, Maddy has the chance to meet with Nic in his TriBeCa apartment. Maddy’s celebrity fantasies turn to reality—make out sessions, sex and even a Hamptons holiday bash that leave Maddy yearning for Nic’s love.

Romance turns nightmarish when Nic and Shelby steal a manuscript that Maddy’s been writing —a book called Golden Ghost, based on her Gold Rush curriculum, that she shares with the class, and that they illustrate throughout the year.

Nic’s betrayal and bloated ego lead Maddy to finally appreciate the unfamous and genuine friends she has at school, including her students and her assistant teacher, the scruffy, handsome musician James, who gets under Maddy’s skin from the beginning, and with whom she ultimately falls in love.


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Author: Elise Miller

Publication Date: August 4, 2015


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