SparkPress is an independent, hybrid imprint focused on merging the best of the traditional publishing model with new and innovative strategies. We deliver high-quality, entertaining, and engaging content that enhances readers’ lives. We are proud to bring to market a list of New York Times bestselling, award-winning, and debut authors who represent a wide array of genres, as well as our established, industry-wide reputation for innovative, creative, results-driven success in working with authors.

SparkPress is a division of SparkPoint Studio, which also acquired She Writes Press in 2014. With the addition of this sister imprint, SparkPress secured traditional distribution through Ingram Publisher Services, making our imprint a real player in the hybrid publishing world. This relationship secured the right for SP authors to submit their books for review through traditional channels, creating a more level playing field. The two imprints have won over 150 awards, and SparkPress has also sold foreign and film rights. SP authors have been featured in Elle magazine, USA Today, and Redbook, and have been reviewed trade publications such as Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Booklist, and Library Journal.

As of 2019,  SparkPress reached another milestone, signing its 90th author. We are a mission-driven, female-run company with a strong vision, passion, and work ethic. Our roster of impressive, accomplished authors speaks for itself, and we’re proud of being an industry game-changer.


Our innovative and exceptional team has provided strategic counsel and stellar results to several top and Fortune 500 companies, consumer lifestyle brands, publishers and media companies, hot start-ups, and educational academies, as well as blockbuster and debut authors.

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Unlike self-publishing platforms that publish whatever comes through regardless of quality, SparkPress only publishes manuscripts that we deem to be publish-ready, based purely on the merit of the writing and not on author platform or other subjective measures. We’ll be honest with you about your manuscript.

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SparkPress welcomes direct orders for print books, so reach out and let us know which titles you are interested in. We enjoy the opportunity to partner with booksellers to offer our engaging catalog of titles to readers everywhere.

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