The Opposite of Never

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Life is mostly a mixed bag.

Devastated when they lose their spouses, both Kenny Simmons and Georgia Best carry on for the sake of their children, although they are certain that the best part of their lives is long over. Then Georgia and her lifelong companions, Linda and Yvonne, meet Kenny while walking down a dusty Vermont country road, and the four of them hit it off. Soon, Kenny becomes a regular part of their hiking group, and he and Georgia grow more than fond of each other.

Kenny’s stepdaughter, Zelda, and Yvonne’s teenage son, Spencer, also fall in love—at first sight. Through surprisingly relatable circumstances, they are drawn into opiate use, shocking everyone, and the two of them struggle through the torment of addiction together.

In an impulsive and daring attempt to create a grand finale out of difficult times, Kenny takes Georgia off to vacation in Cuba just as it is opening up to Americans—and what they discover in the golden light of Old Havana is another startling surprise.

Author: Mary Kathleen Mehuron

Publication Date: April 24, 2018



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“Most Anticipated Books of 2018”

“Breakout Novels of 2018”
—Indie Picks

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“What starts out as a tale of loss and despair quickly turns into a narrative of rediscovering oneself in The Opposite of Never. This new novel examines the gaping loss that the death of an aging spouse can bring, and the effort it takes to move through that grief. It also delves into the complicated relationships that can sometimes exist in families, and the devotion it takes to overcome tragedy and addiction with grace, humor, and benevolence. The book, at times, is especially heartbreaking, but it will leave you feeling cleansed and hopeful as both a mother and a woman.”
Working Mother

“The characters are identifiable, sympathetic, vivid and clear even in their human damage and wonderful redemption. Mehuron pens a memorable story of friendship, love, romance, and… life.”
— Marley Gibson, best selling author of adult contemporary romance fiction including the Glamorous Life series

“She has many writerly gifts, but her talent for crafting compelling characters of both genders and different generations is especially evident in this emotionally powerful narrative.”
—James M. Tabor, bestselling author of Blind Descent and the Hallie Leland series including The Deep Zone

The Opposite of Never is a lovely story about loss, love, redemption, the power of female friendship and one of the most important emotions needed to become whole again–forgiveness.”
—Kris Radish, bestselling author of A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere

This entertaining novel by educator and columnist Mehuron (Fading Past , 2015) is a welcome addition to the genre of women’s fiction, with protagonists not just over the age of 30, but well over 40. … An enjoyable tale featuring 50-something protagonists coping with contemporary social problems.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A realistic lifelike story that shows the effects that addiction has on a family. Overall, an unforgettable read that will warm your heart and leave you with a feeling of hope.”
—Lovely Lovely Day

“A journey through love, loss and starting over, The Opposite of Never is a realistic read about the road to recovery.”
Working Mother, “16 Spring Reads for Working Moms”
How do you forgive yourself for mistakes you made when you were young? How do you go on after you lose someone you love? How do we handle the unrelenting pace of life when all we want to do is shut down? In The Opposite of Never, Mehuron seems to suggest the answer to all of these questions lies in the friendships we build with one another . . . Mehuron’s attention to detail reveals a lush landscape, from the stunning architecture of her characters’ homes to the hillsides on which they ride horses, camp, and ski. The people in this novel feel imminently familiar and their struggles real . . .  a hopeful reminder that our lives may change for the better if we are open, honest, and willing to take the necessary leaps to change them.”
Manhattan Book Review

About the Author

Mary Kathleen Mehuron is a career educator who made a splash with her first book, Fading Past, an autobiographical novel whose protagonist, like Mary Kathleen, grew up Irish-Catholic in New Jersey. The Opposite of Never is Mary Kathleen’s second book, and to finish it, she traveled alone to Havana in January 2015 in order to experience the city before it became Americanized. Mary Kathleen lives and teaches in a ski town in Vermont where she and her husband raised three sons, she is an occasional contributor to the local newspaper, The Valley Reporter and writes curriculum daily for private students. She takes extended time to work on her novels on Grand Turk Island and in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.