For nearly 15 years, Crystal has built a diverse career in technology, public relations and publishing. She’s a rare bird—equally left- and right-brained—understanding and building a business that revolves around technology and creativity, platform and publishing. She has led an award-winning editorial team at one of the largest women’s online publishing companies, published work in major national media, and created and executed PR campaigns for clients from authors and publishers to start-ups and established brands, with a special focus on female-driven clients and initiatives.

Known for her creativity, innovation, fresh perspective, passion and results—or in one word, her spark—she has created a robust business: SparkPoint Studio, a full-service boutique PR, marketing, branding, social media and platform-building agency for all kinds of clients. Within the SparkPoint Studio agency, the BookSparks division has fast become an innovative game-changer in the publishing industry, allowing authors and publishers to reach audiences and grow their brand and PR in a mix of traditional and nontraditional ways.

And now, as she launches SparkPress, a new hybrid, boutique publishing imprint division, Crystal is thrilled to continue to merge that spark, passion and innovation with publishing. She’s also excited to bring new, high-quality, engaging and entertaining content and books to market. As Crystal likes to say, “SparkPoint Studio is the place for All Your Story Needs™—whether it’s branding, social media, publicity, content, editorial, marketing, book publicity or book publishing, or all of the above; whether you are an author, a publisher, a brand, an expert, a start-up, an established company, or all of the above. All Your Story Needs™ is SparkPoint Studio.”



Brooke is the founder and president of Warner Coaching Inc., where she specializes in helping writers get published. In her fourteen years in the publishing industry, including eight years as Executive Editor at Seal Press, Brooke has shepherded hundreds books through the publication process. Brooke’s expertise is in traditional and new publishing, and she is a champion of all writers committed to making their dream of publishing a book a reality. Brooke mentors memoirists in her biannual course, Write Your Memoir in Six Months, and sits on the boards of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) as an executive board member; theNational Association of Memoir Writers, and She Writes. She is the author of What’s Your Book? A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You from Inspiration to Published Author (She Writes Press, 2012) and How to Sell Your Memoir: 12 Steps to a Perfect Book Proposal (She Writes Press, 2013).



Words are this girl’s passion. With a marketing degree in hand but no desire to do the “salesy” stuff, Kristin began pursuing a career in the publishing world with clients as diverse as a global technology company and a local startup magazine. From technology copywriter, to parenting writer (before she had kids!) to editorial director for a leading women’s website, Kristin knows how to craft a great story about anything. As Chief Content Officer, she oversees a growing catalog of authors and titles, and writes and edits content for SparkPress. Above all else, Kristin loves creativity and creating real, relevant content.



Christi has more than 12 years of experience creating award-winning creative for clients, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Fairmont Hotels, Microsoft, Citibank, Aussie, and more. Prior to SparkPress, she served as Creative Director at, where she successfully helped lead the creative offering and branding of the site. She was the driving creative force behind multiple site launches and redesigns, and helped define the visual branding of the company. In addition, she oversaw a team of designers responsible for everything from website designs to in-house photo shoots.



Sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover! Julie Metz is a graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience, working primarily in the publishing field, and is thrilled to be working closely with SparkPoint Studio on the SparkPress and BookSparks divisions. She has created covers for a wide range of books including fiction/nonfiction, cookbooks and more, including her own New York Times bestselling memoir, Perfection.



Lauren’s passion for reading and writing began as a child, and brought her to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, where she started her career in writing, editing, and publishing over 12 years ago. Lauren has worked as a book editor, publishing consultant, and magazine columnist/editor, including a stint at a fashion magazine that was the basis for the film The Devil Wears Prada, and an international travel publication company. Over the past decade, she has also established a following as a music journalist, and traveled throughout Europe, Vietnam, Taiwan, The Virgin Islands, and Cambodia, making her open to several cultures, ideas and editorial styles.

Her love for the art of writing and book publishing propelled her career as a book editor and publishing consultant, and she founded Midnight Publishing in 2009, an editorial company focused on helping authors publish positive, influential and inspirational novels, memoirs, and non-fiction content. It is through serendipity and a drive to deliver thought-provoking and inspirational literature to society that brought Lauren to SparkPoint Studios. She met with founder Crystal Patriarche to discuss collaborative opportunities between their two companies, and was enthralled with the concept and brand. Within a few months, she joined the team as Editorial Manager, helping to oversee a rapidly growing catalog of award-winning novels, memoirs, and non-fiction titles through She Writes Press and SparkPress.



Maggie fell in love with design from a young age, always spending more time on the look of a school project than the content. Her first “official” design gig was Design Editor of her high school newspaper, which led her to earn a degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina, with a concentration in editing and graphics. After graduation she followed an old friend out to Phoenix, and found a job at a local design agency. There she created websites and graphics for clients such as the National Blood Clot Alliance, Pioneer Electronics, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Her favorite part of design is finding a creative way to visually express the personality of a brand.

Maggie was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana. When she’s not designing she can be found with hanging out with her Largi (Corgi/Lab mix), devouring novels with happy endings, or in a pool.