SparkPress is unique in the world of publishing because of its mission and what it offers: a much-needed alternative in a rapidly changing publishing landscape. You, the author, invest in your project up front, but you retain 60% of the net profits on your print books and 70% of the net profits (minus a small distribution fee) on your ebooks.

Unlike self-publishing platforms that publish whatever comes through regardless of quality, SparkPress only publishes manuscripts that we deem to be publish-ready, based purely on the merit of the writing and not on author platform or other subjective measures. We’ll be honest with you about your manuscript. When you submit your work to SparkPress, we assess your work and place it on one of four tracks. Read about the four tracks here.

Unlike traditional publishing houses, which buy the majority stake in your book but often don’t deliver when it comes to providing the editorial and marketing help you need, SparkPress gives authors a traditional house experience, complete with traditional distribution and an experienced editorial and production team, while allowing you to retain full ownership of your project and earnings.

Our primary publishing service is an all-inclusive package priced at $7,900. The services include:

  • Custom interior design for up to 100,000 words
  • High-end custom cover design
  • e-book file conversion and upload to 127 e-retailers, including Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo
  • Traditional distribution to the trade through our distribution partner, Ingram Publisher Services
  • Proofreading of your final manuscript
  • Copyright filing and obtaining your Library of Congress control number
  • Warehousing of short-run printed books (included for free through the first year)
  • Fulfillment of all orders on short-run printed books (author or customer pays shipping)
  • Support and management of title metadata
  • Ongoing project management of your title for the lifespan of your book
  • High-level support for getting your books into bookstores, libraries, and other trade outlets
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