Pursuits Unknown

Amy and her kelpie-shepherd mix, Lars, work with a search team that specializes in finding lost people. Despite his average-mutt appearance, Lars is no ordinary dog. He and Amy have a telepathic connection. While Lars has a lot to learn about human language, their bond allows them to communicate in unusual ways and is a boon to their success rate.

When Amy and Lars find a missing scientist suffering from the Alzheimer’s-like disorder “Disorientation,” Amy and her support team realize this is not a typical lost-person case. Instead, this assignment appears to be an attempt to steal this man’s highly sensitive research—which, if misused, could have serious consequences for their overpopulated world. During their quest, Amy discovers and confronts her own limitations; to succeed, she must surpass them.

Author: Ellen Clary

Publication Date: April 9, 2019


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Pursits Unknown is unique. Its founding premise, telepathy between humans and dogs, becomes reasonable and matter-of-fact just a couple of chapters in, which is when the tense and believable storyline takes over. Edge-of-the-seat reading with an ending that calls for more.”
—Trish King, CPDT-KA, CDBC, Canine Behavior Associates

“With a deft combination of nearly real science and savvy observations of human nature, Pursuits Unknown spins a crime-fighting story in which dogs partner with humans in novel and unexpected ways. Like Sue Grafton, Ms. Clary will have readers eagerly anticipating more tales about Amy and Lars!”
—Patricia Minger, author of Magic Flute

About the Author

Ellen Clary is a dog-owning computer professional who has both literary and technical college degrees. She has a love of dog behavior and training, as well as a dog sports habit. Formerly a humor writer, she now wants to write dog-related novels that she, and others, would like to read. A California native, she now lives in a Victorian house in the San Francisco Bay Area with her wife and dogs.