Ways of Leaving

Winner of the 2014 International Book Awards in Fiction: Best New Fiction
Selected by Independent Publisher’s as an Indie Groundbreaking Book

Chase Stoller’s life is crumbling. He just lost his job, his wife Jennifer has filed for divorce, and now his brother Aaron wants him to return to Pennsylvania and help care for their ailing father.

When he arrives at his brother’s house, years of repressed rage float to the surface—along with two married women, one virtual church, several bottles of scotch, one schizophrenic sister, five helpings of Brussels sprouts, three boxes of purloined panties, and a gun-wielding husband with a grudge. But Chase’s greatest challenge comes when his sister attempts to end her life.

Infused with empathy and compassion, bristling with humor, Ways of Leaving explores the impulses and actions of a troubled man whose struggles with isolation, despair and desire illuminate the fierce yearning for a sense of purpose that characterizes the human condition.

Author: Grant Jarrett

Publication Date: March 11, 2014




Winner of the 2014 International Book Awards in Fiction: Best New Fiction.
Selected by Independent Publisher’s as an Indie Groundbreaking Book.

“A standout novel about going home, where old girlfriends, awkward funerals, deeply buried parental secrets and naked, drunken, nocturnal escapades irritate a man like scabs of his squandered youth and misspent adulthood…It’s that sarcasm that gives this bleak, sometimes violent book its surprising levity….Ruthlessly brilliant writing brings grace to a story smoldering in pain.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Jarrett masterfully conveys Stoller’s story, switching seamlessly between artfully assembled prose and stream-of-consciousness ramblings to get inside his head and give readers a front-row seat to understand his journey. It’s a master class of fiction writing, and it marks Jarrett as an author well worth watching in the future.”
Independent Publisher

About the Author

Originally from northeastern Pennsylvania, Grant Jarrett lived in Manhattan for twenty years before moving to Marin County, CA, where he now works as a writer, ghostwriter, editor, musician, and occasional songwriter. His publishing credits include numerous magazine articles, essays, short stories, and More Towels, his coming-of-age memoir about life on the road. His debut novel, Ways of Leaving, won the Best New Fiction category in the 2014 International Book Awards. The House That Made Me, his 2016 anthology about the meaning of home, was chosen as an Elle “Trust Us” book. Jarrett is an avid cyclist, skier, and surf skier.

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