While writing may seem pretty straightforward, there are countless little aspects that these apps have taken into account – such as writer’s block and how to combat it, having something available to write down a random thought or idea and go back to add detail and organize it – and more. While writing can get stressful, these apps may ease your mind and make the process a bit more fun! Read on to get a little technologically inspired.


MindNode ($29.99)

This app allows you to create multiple mind maps on a self-expanding canvas. Fullscreen mode lets you map without distractions. You can easily rearrange your thoughts and expand your ideas with just one touch! Highlighting important nodes and adding new notes is simple and easy, and iCloud allows you to access your mind maps from any device!

StoryTracker ($7.99)

Keep track of all of your submitted work and add details and guidelines for each story. You can view your total income for submitted works and the submission history for each story. You can also highlight your approaching market deadlines so you’re never off track!

The Brainstormer ($1.99)

A great app for writer’s block – The Brainstormer lets you spin a wheel to randomly combine a plot, subject, and setting for creative new ideas. There are three main wheels: plot/conflict, theme/setting, and subject/location. Select from pre-set ideas or spin for a random combination! Even if you just want to incorporate one of the ideas suggested, this app is great for pushing through your writer’s block and getting those creative thoughts flowing again.

GoodReader ($4.99)

This is a PDF reading app that allows you to read/sign/edit PDF documents. You can also annotate documents, highlight and mark up text boxes, call out comments, create stickynotes, and more! It allows for freehand drawing of lines, arrows, etc. With the GoodReader app you can view text documents, html documents, and works in Microsoft Office.

Dragon Dictation (FREE)

This is an easy to use voice recognition application. You can create voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, email, or pasted into any app using the clipboard. It comes with an editing feature that provides a list of suggested words and is compatible on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Drafts ($4.99)

A quick, easy way to capture and share text. Open the app and get a new, blank document ready to go. Output options let you sent to Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Message, a calendar event, save to Dropbox, or Google Drive. You can search full text throughout the document, and check your word or character count.

Storyist ($14.99)

An app that is perfect for writing/editing your manuscripts or screenplays! Jot down ideas while on the go – this app lets you sketch out a story using index cards and refine it with plot, setting, and character sheets. There are multiple fonts, colors, and support for images and headers and footers. You can sync with iCloud or Dropbox, and export files as a PDF or print wirelessly with AirPrint.

StorySkeleton ($8.99)

Incredibly simple and easy to use, this app lets you jot down random thoughts and ideas and flip through them on notecards. You can swipe from card to card and add in extra information, and move the cards around to any order that you’d like. There are a variety of export options and you can easily back up your projects or share them with friends!

Byword ($5.99)

Byword is a great app for the avid blogger – you can sync text documents across multiple devices and publish to Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Evernote. Spelling and grammar checks are built in – which helps with another great aspect of this app: taking notes in classes or meetings!

Merriam-Webster or Dictionary app (FREE)

Any dictionary app will be useful for a creative writer, specifically either one of these which also offer synonyms along with the definitions. Subsribe to Dictionary’s word of the day and spice up your writing!