Summer is just getting started, so it’s the perfect time to think about things for your kids to do over their break. If you’re looking for a way to keep them writing while they’re away from school, look no further than this list! From writing about the little things to writing their own stories, these kits and books are sure to spark your child’s imagination.


Lulu Jr. IlluStory Kit
by Lulu Jr.

With this kit, kids can write and illustrate their own story, which will then be published in a hardcover, full-color, and professionally typeset book. With an About the Author page, any child is sure to be proud of their own published book.


by Cheryl Miller Thurston and Dawn DiPrince

For anyone that struggles to write in a journal (I certainly know the feeling), this “un-journal” will be a breath of fresh air. Instead of writing about personal topics, this book is filled with 200 bizarre writing prompts bound to hold anyone’s interest longer than a regular journal might.

No Plot? No Problem!

by Chris Baty

Is your budding writer looking to write a novel, but not sure where to start? This book guides the reader through one month of straight novel writing—all you need is an idea and the will to write!

642 Things to Write About: Young Writer’s Edition

by San Francisco Writers’ Grotto and Po Bronson

This book is packed with 642 fun and engaging writing prompts for kids and teens. With prompts like “Your dog has won a free trip to the moon. What do you pack for him?” and “Create a haiku about your shoes,” kids are sure to have a blast filling out each and every page.


712 More Things to Write About
by San Francisco Writers’ Grotto and Po Bronson

Like 642 Things to Write About, this book is just as fun and just as packed with, go figure, things to write about. From describing the sensation of falling asleep to coming up with unusual fortune cookie messages, this book has a prompt for everyone and every occasion.


A Creative Writer’s Kit
by Judy Reeves

This book comes with a year’s worth of writing prompts, as well as advice and insights into the writing process. Perfect for writing a little every day, this book is sure to inspire.

Wreck This Journal
y Keri Smith

For anyone that struggles with a “normal” journal or even just with a blank page, Wreck This Journal is bound and determined to give you a novel experience. Each page has a clever prompt to fill, many of them encouraging “destructive” acts, like ripping pages, painting with coffee, and coloring outside the lines. One thing’s for sure, with this journal, you won’t be bored!


500 Writing Prompts for Kids
by Bryan Cohen

Perfect for creative elementary school kids, this book has prompts about just about everything, from birthdays to cartoons to the four seasons. If you’re looking for something to keep your child occupied with all summer, look no further than this jam-packed book of prompts.


Creative Writing Journal for Kids
by Carol Briggs

Another book just for kids, this journal has 42 prompts to get kids started writing anything—stories, personal essays, letters, poems, and more. This journal is perfect for any kid looking to practice their writing.


Writing Prompts for Kids
by Jo Michaels

This book has 24 writing prompts with guided questions to help kids work through the writing process, from character creation to the story itself. With pages for drawing scenes and book covers, this book is sure to be a perfect keepsake.