Summer usually translates to relaxation, sunshine-y days, and vacays. But that doesn’t mean you should slack off on your writing—how else are you supposed to finish crafting that book? Or maybe you’re a hobby writer with a plan to soak up creativity (and hopefully, dish it out on the page!) during those long summer days. Either way, we have the tool kit at SparkPress to help you stay in the game and on track—and the only clocking in you need to do is with yourself. Whether it’s by the pool, the beach, or inside and out of the heat, what better way to get started than with some fresh inspiration: digging up memories and making up scenarios to help get those creative juices flowing. Cocktail umbrella and rum, optional.

Here are 15 writing prompts for summer:

1. What would be the best day at the beach? Where is it, and what do you do? Who spends the day with you?

2. To beat the heat, write your best scary story, complete with chills and thrills. Who tells the story, and where is it told? Additionally, happens after the telling?

3. A lot of weird things can happen on a road trip. Write a story about one such strange occurrence at the weirdest roadside attraction you can think of. What’s the worst that could happen?

4. Two people meet for the first time on their summer vacation. They’re bound to fall in love, but the path to get there is rocky. What kind of a path will their love story take? Is it a one-off summer romance, or something longer? Do they even manage to get together?

5. Imagine a full day of sunlight. What’s it like and what happens? Why hasn’t the sun set?

6. Think about your favorite summer memories, or the things you wish had happened. Now write about them from another point of view. Maybe a bystander or one of the other participants.

7. Describe a spectacular fireworks display in detail—the sounds, the smells, the colors. And don’t forget to include an audience for the show.

8. Tales from Summer Camp, written from the perspective of either a camper or a counselor. What kind of crazy and ridiculous things can happen at a summer camp? What kind of drama or tragedy? How are these events dealt with?

9. Write about a day spent on the road in a tiny car. Everyone in the vehicle is too tall for their seat, and there’s still a long way to go. How do the characters handle it? Are there any fights? Is the destination worth it?

10. Imagine your dream vacation, and write about it in detail.

11. Imagine the reverse, a nightmare vacation. Write about it in detail.

12. Write about a cruise—going anywhere, any time, for any reason. What happens? What kind of people are on the cruise?

13. Remember a time when you were the most awkward you’ve ever felt. Now, write that feeling into a teenage character at the first pool party of the summer. Is their crush there? The popular kids? What goes wrong?

14. Two siblings, both in college, return home from college for the summer, only to discover their parents have decided on a family road trip. The catch? They’re not allowed to use electronics, and they haven’t gotten along since they were kids.

15. Write about someone getting lost on their hike in the mountains. The problem is, there are these old stories about the things that call the mountain home. Especially once the sun sets.