If you’re selling your book on Amazon, your Amazon Author Page can be just as important as the book itself. An Author Page is a great way to let readers learn more about you as a writer, your book, and your publishing history (if you’ve got more than one book under your belt). Because of this, it’s important to keep the page in tiptop shape. Here are 5 ways to refresh your Amazon author page right now, which will help you get more searches, more clicks, and more book sales.

*Disclaimer: At SparkPress, we handle all the author data for you, so it’s important to check with your publisher about when and how they would like you to update certain areas, since unchecked changes could clash with the publisher’s data feed.

  1. Update Your Author Bio

Keeping your bio updated highlights your strengths as a writer and keeps potential readers informed on your overall career. Include any recent accomplishments of note that were not there previously such as a new writing award, a fresh MFA, a spot on a bestseller list, etc. It also never hurts to have a recent, professional photo above your bio.

  1. Optimize Keyword Searches

In order for potential readers to buy your book, they first need to find your book. In order to guarantee that this happens, suggest a number of keywords or search terms that relate to your book. You can add up to 100 words, so the sky’s the limit!

  1. Link to Your Blog/Website

On the Amazon author page, you have the option to allow “Author Updates,” which can sync up to a number of webpages including your blog and/or author website. Linking the Author Page to these sites will keep readers updated on your writing and also show that you’re invested in your work.

  1. Link to Your Twitter

The Author Updates can also sync to your Twitter account, allowing your latest tweets to appear on your Author Page. This can come in handy when a bestselling author tweets at you about how awesome your book is! Just make sure to keep your tweets professional and on-brand.

  1. Add Upcoming Events

The Amazon Author Page also allows you to add any upcoming events, such as readings and book signings. This can be great for book exposure and garnering more attendee at the events, which can lead to more books sold! However, these don’t update automatically so you’ll need to make sure to remove past events from your page to keep it looking fresh.

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