With the Academy Awards around the corner, it feels like everyone is buzzing about one movie or another. These are some of the most buzzed-about, Oscar-nominated films from 2019—and what SparkPress or She Writes Press book you should read if you’re rooting for it.

If you loved The Irishman, read Found by Emily Brett

For someone who loved The Irishman, another thriller is the only choice. Follow ICU nurse Natalie Ulster as she globetrots, determined to heal her damaged heart and see the world in case she dies young like her mother. Everywhere she goes, she narrowly escapes death. As the coincidences keep mounting, she starts to wonder—is someone trying to kill her?

If you loved Jojo Rabbit, read Api’s Berlin Diaries* by Gabrielle Robinson

Jojo Rabbit follows a boy in the Hitler Youth who discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in the attic. This story of the Holocaust giving light to what it was like to live in Germany at that time is perfectly complemented by Api’s Berlin Diaries. This memoir is Robinson’s attempt to reconcile the loving grandfather she knew with the Nazi his diaries reveal him to be.

If you loved Joker, read The Rules of Half by Jenna Patrick

While Joker had been wildly praised for its cinematography, score, and acting, the reviews were mixed when it came to the portrayal of mental illness. If you’re looking for a story of mental illness where the illness doesn’t make the affected a villain and accurately shows what it’s like to live with a mental illness, we recommend The Rules of Half. In it, Will, who has bipolar disorder, must learn to raise his daughter.

If you loved Little Women, read Gridley Girls by Meredith First

Meg, Anne, Jennifer, and Tonya may not be family, but they love each other like sisters. Like the March sisters, they each have their own distinct personality and dreams. Many of their childhood problems parallel issues that came up in Little Women, such as the death of one of their own. This new adaption even goes back a