Happy Thanksgiving! This day is all about being grateful, spending time with family, and eating an absurd amount of food. There are several dishes that seem to be staples at Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone has a favorite they look forward to.

No matter what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is, we’ve got a book recommendation to match. So stuff your face—and then relax with a good book.

If you can’t wait for the turkey, read Sarah’s War* by Eugenia Lovett West

No food is more directly associated with Thanksgiving than turkey. It’s traditional. If you look forward to the turkey, then you likely like something a little more literary, perhaps even historical. Sarah’s Waris about a young woman during the Revolutionary War, a Patriot, who masquerades as a Loyalist to cozy up to British soldiers and pass on information she gleans through flirtation.

If you can’t wait for the stuffing, read Above the Star by Alexis Marie Chute

Stuffing is full of tasty, tasty carbs. You can’t stop eating stuffing, and you want a book that holds your attention just as long. For an addictive read, check out Above the Star. Like stuffing, it has a lot of elements—three main characters in search of a magical cure, a battle for dominion, whimsical creatures, and a long-buried secret. Reviewers have called it “utterly compelling,” “spellbinding,” and “a must-read.”

If you can’t wait for the cornbread, read Girl with a Gun by Kari Bovée

Cornbread gives your Thanksgiving meal a bit of a southwestern flair. For a book with a similar vibe, read Girl with a Gun, the first in the Annie Oakley Mystery series. In this historical mystery, the famous sharpshooter is offered a position in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. When two are murdered and her horse is stolen, she must team up with her sharp-shooting opponent to find her horse, solve the murders, and clear her name.

If you can’t wait for the green bean casserole, read