SparkPress Summer Book Sale!

Oh summer, you always leave us too soon. Good thing we’ve got 18 ebooks for just 99 cents each to soothe our broken summer hearts! From Sept. 3-7, 2015, ONLY you can get 18 of our best ebooks for just 99 cents each. Hurry! The offer ends with the summer right after Labor Day! 

Load up your ereader for under $20 before fall hits!

summer-sale-meme-melissaBear Witness by Melissa Clark

Bear Witness takes place three years after Paige Bellen’s best friend, Robin, has been kidnapped, as Paige attempts to move forward through the messy relationships caused by her disappearance in their small town.

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summer-sale-meme-susieThe Balance Project by Susie Schnall

The Balance Project is the story of two women’s attempt to balance their careers, personal lives and ideas of what it means to be a successful wife, mother and daughter.

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summer-sale-meme-susieOn Grace by Susie Schnall

On Grace asks how you bounce back from the crumbling of your job, personal life and marriage when you least expect it, and if rediscovering yourself could reveal more opportunities than you thought possible.

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summer-sale-meme-fleurBeautiful Girl by Fleur Philips

Melanie has always been beautiful—that is, until a freak accident leaves her needing plastic surgery.Beautiful Girl explores the true meaning of beauty and how what some people covet most is a nightmare for others.

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