SparkPress Summer Book Sale!

Oh summer, you always leave us too soon. Good thing we’ve got 18 ebooks for just 99 cents each to soothe our broken summer hearts! From Sept. 3-7, 2015, ONLY you can get 18 of our best ebooks for just 99 cents each. Hurry! The offer ends with the summer right after Labor Day! 

Load up your ereader for under $20 before fall hits!

summer-sale-meme-melissaBear Witness by Melissa Clark

Bear Witness takes place three years after Paige Bellen’s best friend, Robin, has been kidnapped, as Paige attempts to move forward through the messy relationships caused by her disappearance in their small town.

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summer-sale-meme-susieThe Balance Project by Susie Schnall

The Balance Project is the story of two women’s attempt to balance their careers, personal lives and ideas of what it means to be a successful wife, mother and daughter.

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summer-sale-meme-susieOn Grace by Susie Schnall

On Grace asks how you bounce back from the crumbling of your job, personal life and marriage when you least expect it, and if rediscovering yourself could reveal more opportunities than you thought possible.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-fleurBeautiful Girl by Fleur Philips

Melanie has always been beautiful—that is, until a freak accident leaves her needing plastic surgery.Beautiful Girl explores the true meaning of beauty and how what some people covet most is a nightmare for others.

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summer-sale-meme-fleurCrumble by Fleur Philips

Girl meets boy, girls falls in love with boy… but their families will never approve, because Sarah is white and David is black. Crumble is a story of fighting back against hate in the name of love, even when the people closest to you don’t agree.

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summer-sale-meme-jenniferGirl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch-Hummer

Girl UnMoored begins with broken young Apron Bramhall looking for something calm in her world, which she finds in the flower store job offered to her by Jesus Christ Superstar actor Mike and his boyfriend, Chad. But Chad has a secret that threatens once again unmoor Apron and the ones she loves most.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-julietThe Runaway Daughter by Juliet Philip

In The Runaway Daughter, Kamada lives in her head to avoid reality: living in poverty on the streets of Bombay, tired of watching her mother sell her body for money, Kamada dreams of escaping to America in pursuit of an education.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-lesleyThe Undertaking of Tess by Lesley Kagen

The Undertaking of Tess begins in 1959, as ten-year-old Tessie copes with witnessing her father’s death, something her little sister, Birdie, seems incapable of understanding. Now Tessie must hid from her mother that Birdie is getting “weirder” before she looses another family member…

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-lesleyThe Resurrection of Tess Blessing by Lesley Kagen

In The Resurrection of Tess Blessing we are reunited with 49-year-old Tess as she tries to keep her family afloat, reconnect with old loved ones and deals with a breast cancer diagnosis in this subtle, magical companion to The Undertaking of Tess.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-hickamThe Revealed by Jessica Hickam

The Revealed is a ruthless, underground rebel organization that’s been kidnapping teens after the world rebuilt after a war that killed five billion people. Lily Atwood’s father is one of the most powerful men in the world, which makes her a high priority target… but Lily won’t go down without a fight.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-camilleKitchen Love Story by Camille Finan

Do you want a beautiful, modern new kitchen at a reasonable price? Kitchen Love Story is straight out of the brilliant mind of contractor Camille Finan, who shares her lessons and experience about the good, bad and the ugly of remodeling your house.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-JeanneRock Angel by Jeanne Bogino

In Rock Angel, Shan is rising to guitar fame as she tours the country, a talented, beautiful, young woman who against all odds is falling for her band mate as fast as she’s falling for heroin.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-krisGravel on the Side of the Road by Kris Radish

Gravel on the Side of the Road is a non-fiction work of autobiographical essays, touching on everything from almost drowning in desert canyons to FBI dance parties.

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summer-sale-meme-emilySerenade by Emily Kiebel

After moving to Cape Cod to live with her aunts after a tragedy, Lorelei discovers that the women of the house are sirens… and so is she. In Serenade Lorelei’s heart and life will be risked as she comes to terms with power that has extreme consequences.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-ColleenElly in Love by Colleen Oakes

For Elly, every season is wedding season for a wedding florist, but that doesn’t mean every wedding is a good one, like that of her ex-husband and the mistress that broke them up. As Elly in Love unfolds, Elly takes her job and the drama to the next level when she signs on to the wedding of an infamous celebrity.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW


Elly in Bloom, Colleen Oakes

summer-sale-meme-ColleenElly in Bloom by Colleen Oakes

Elly in Bloom finds Elly Jordan surrounded by great people and an awesome job, until the appearance of an extravagant wedding contract that could change not only her financial situation but her entire life.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-paulThe Curse of Van Gosh by Paul Hoppe

The Curse of Van Gogh is the story of Tyler Sears, a reformed art thief, who reemerges into the world of hit men and art foragers to pull of the grandest art heist ever recorded.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW



summer-sale-meme-grantWays of Leaving by Grant Jarrett

Ways of Leaving will have you rooting for Chase Stoller, an antihero whose honesty and self-pity may not be overcome his bad habits and problematic behaviors.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW


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