Another week down, another Friday to celebrate!  Donna Stoneham is at it again with her article featured on She KnowsBook Mama Blog shared Elise A. Miller’s promo and giveaway for Star Craving Mad, Andee Reilly celebrated her novel Satisfaction and the Rolling Stones with her Which Song Are You BuzzFeed quiz, Andee Reilly also shared how she “rolls” with Chick Lit Central and Brigitte Quinn answered questions everyone has been dying to know about Anchored for We Heart Writing.

 She Knows How to Handle Stress

Donna Stoneham shares 3 ways to get your rhythm back when life gets stressful with She Knows.

Craving a Free Read?

Book Mama Blog promoted Elise A. Millers giveaway of Star Craving Mad. What’s better than a great book? A great book that’s free!


Which Rolling Stones Song Are You?

Take Andee Reilly’s BuzzFeed quiz and to which Rolling Stones song best represents your inner rockstar!

the rolling stones

That’s How Andee Rolls

Chick Lit Central interviewed Andee Reilly about her book Satisfaction.


We Heart Anchored

Sit down with Brigitte Quinn and We Heart Writing to have all your questions about Anchored answered!