Happy Friday! We are so excited to share some of our SparkPress highlights from this week!

Alane Adams was featured in an interview with Sassy Mama LA during SDCC, Beautiful Girl received a wonderful review from Happy Pretty Sweet, The Skimm gave Susie Orman Schnall a special shoutout, Alane Adams sat down with The Grand Greek Gathering at SDCC, and Lisa Consiglio Ryan was featured in a beautiful spread in the Capital Gazette!

Alane Adams Shares her Transmedia Authorship Story!

Sassy Mama LA featured a quick interview with Alane Adams and her experience at cons this summer introducing her new mobile game, BattleKasters inspired by her book series, Legends of Orkney!


Beautiful Girl is a Summer Must-Read!

Beautiful Girl by Fleur Philips receives a rave review from  Happy Pretty Sweet.


Susie Orman Schnall Gets Major Social Love!

The Skimm gave Susie Orman Schnall’s Balance Project Interview with Reese Witherspoon, a special shoutout to all 343,000 of their followers.

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BattleKasters Takes SDCC by Storm

Alane Adams sat down with The Grand Geek Gathering at SDCC to chat about her Legends of Orkney series and her mobile game, BattleKasters.


Clean Summer!

Lisa Consiglio Ryan shared some summer health tips with Captial Gazette.

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