When it comes to mystery, look no further than Agatha Christie. While she is most known for her popular detective novels, Christie also wrote one of the longest-running plays in London and published six romance novels under the pen name Mary Westmacott. Famous for her clever plots and murderous schemes, Agatha Christie paved the way for mystery novels today.

Detective Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple became iconic characters for their reoccurring roles in many of her works. Her settings are another reoccurring element, most of which take place in England or locations that she had visited. Her stories focus on the emotional aspect of characters descending into madness or finding clues to unravel a hidden truth that will keep you guessing at every page.

Celebrating what would have been her 129th birthday, we decided to round up some of our favorite books that reflect the mysteries created by Agatha Christie. From murders to madness, secret affairs to little lies, we’ll drop a few titles that will bring out your inner Hercule Poirot.

Girl with a Gun by Kari Bovée

Annie Oakley is a sharp-shooting fifteen-year-old girl. She is trying to provide for her mother and two brothers to keep the family farm from foreclosing. When she is offered a job at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, her dreams seem to be coming true. That is until her Indian assistant is found dead in her tent. Though the coroner reports he died from natural causes, Annie can’t help but become suspicious when another innocent is murdered. Just like Detective Hercule Poirot, it is up to Annie to follow the clues and solve this mystery before it’s too late.

Firewall by Eugenia Lovett West

The third book in the Emma Streat Mystery Series, this story brings detective work into the digital age. When Emma’s godmother, a rich socialite, is blackmailed, she comes to Emma for help due to her detective skills. Emma faces many challenges when she is thrust into the dark world of cybercrime. She soon becomes a target of an online criminal organization that is using cutting-edge technology to track her down. As the task becomes more dangerous, Emma’s only chance at survival is solving the mystery and bringing these criminals to justice.

The Absence of Evelyn by Jackie Townsend

If you’re a fan of Christie’s diverse settings, you’ll be intrigued by this pick. Rhonda is haunted by the ghost of her sister, Evelyn, who tells her to go to Rome in search of the man that stole her heart. In the meantime, Olivia, Rhonda’s adopted daughter, receives a mys