BookBub is a great resource for authors looking to reach new power readers for a debut or a series, to boost books up on the best-seller list, and even drive sales for backlist books. Authors see an average earning increase of almost 200% when their book is chosen for a Featured Deal, so it’s no surprise that just about everyone is scrambling to get their book accepted for a promotion.

However, BookBub receives about 100-300 submissions per day, so they can’t just accept every submission. It all depends on the timing, price points, current book trends, seasonal angles, and more. As a result, only about 10-15% of the books that get submitted are actually selected as Featured Deals—and we’ve had a lot of authors asking us lately about the best practices for submitting a BookBub deal.

The BookBub Webinar

We did a lot of research, tracked down advice from actual BookBub editors, considered our own successful experiences and collected a few case studies from authors—all to create our “How to Maximize BookBub” webinar designed to answer all your questions and give you real, actionable to-dos to make your BookBub featured deal a success.

The webinar How to Maximize BookBub is set for February 2, 2017 at 4 p.m. PST (register here), and will answer many questions, such as:

  • How does the curation process work?
  • How can you make your submission as interesting and competitive as possible?
  • Why are some books selected for a Featured Deal, and not others?
  • Does timing really matter?

The Importance of Timing

In light of the New Year, with a whole year of holidays and events stretched out before us, we can answer that last question for you right now. Yes, timing definitely matters.

It can make or break your submission. While editors take many other things into account—have you run a BookBub before? Is your e-book available on multiple retailers? Is your cover professional?—timing is a major factor.

When pitching your BookBub deal, there are a few things to consider. While authors often feel drawn to choosing a specific date for their deal, like a holiday weekend, the general rule of thumb here is to be as flexible as possible. Think about the truly busy weekends other authors might be pitching: winter break, Mothers or Fathers Day, spring break, etc. The competition will be even higher for those time slots.

Current Events

Also consider times that might be perfect for your book’s theme, but are less likely to garner sales. Sure, your novel about the scandalous path of a presidential candidate might be perfect to run in early November—but are people really paying attention to e-book deals at that time? Usually not. Same goes for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Thanksgiving.

Flexible Timing

Since deals can only be scheduled up to 30 days in advance, submit your deal with the notion that it will run any time during the n