Happy National Ice Cream Day! We love our sweets almost as much as we love a good book, so here are some perfect pairings to enjoy. Most of them aren’t out quite yet, so get your preorders in now and taste the anticipation—and the delicious ice cream.

A Song for the Road* + Fried Ice Cream

In this cross-country road trip of a novel, Carter Danforth finds himself in a tenuous situation. The man he hitched a ride with is driving drunk, taking him way out of his way, and won’t let him out of the car. When they stop for gas, Carter makes a run for it. He throws himself at the mercy of a bar owner, who gives him a job in the kitchen. He quickly takes to frying, and soon invents his own recipe, fried yucca blossoms. So of course, his ice cream would be fried too.

Below the Moon* + Rocky Road

In last year’s National Ice Cream Day post, we paired Above the Star with Moose Tracks. We claimed that it’s the ice cream equivalent of a fantastical YA adventure. We stand by this, and thus would pair the sequel with a similar ice cream, chocolate-y and filled with nuts and marshmallows.

Raising a Doodle* + Frosty Paws

Humans aren’t the only ones who like ice cream—dogs like it too! Frosty Paws makes ice cream that’s totally safe for dogs. So if you’re reading up on how to raise your doodle and/or pamper your pooch, then an ice cream for your pup seems more than appropriate.

Seventh Flag* + Booza

Booza is Arabic ice cream—it’s a little difficult to find in the US, but based on how trendy this Booza spot is in Brooklyn, we’re expecting that to change soon. This stretchy ice cream has the texture of mozzarella and pairs perfectly with a dynamic story of two American families, one of Arabic decent, and their relationships with each other over multiple generations.

The Sea of Japan* + Mochi ice cream

This little ball of ice cream is surrounded by mochi, a sticky rice cake. It is a twist on the traditional mochi in Japan, a soft, pounded sticky rice dumpling. It was the brainchild of Frances Hashimoto, a Japanese-American business woman, and her husband, Joel Friedman. A Japanese-American dessert for a Japanese-American romance? Perfection!

Sarah’s War & Black Cherry

Fun fact: George Washington was obsessed with ice cream. At the time, the only flavors available were vanilla and whatever fruits or jams could be mixed with vanilla. As George Washington himself is often associated with a cherry tree and his famous “I cannot tell a lie,” black cherry ice cream, a darker twist on cherry ice cream, seemed appropriate to be associated with the tale of one of his spies.


*not out yet, but available for preorder now