Dear Reader,

It is time once again to give thanks for all we have. This year, we here at SparkPress have a lot to be thankful for.

We’re thankful for our freedom of speech and being able to tell our story.
Books like A Story That Matters remind of us of how precious this right is, and we’re honored to give a platform to so many voices.

We’re thankful for the growing rate of literacy.
Supporting reading, especially in children, is a cause very near and dear to our hearts. That’s why we love Reading is Fun! Imagine That! It provides fun activities and stories for kids to grow their minds.

We’re thankful for our healthy bodies.
Eating right and exercise have made our bodies strong, and make us feel good. How-to guides like Go Clean, Sexy You make eating well and feeling good easy.

We’re thankful for strong female characters. Let’s be honest; the world could use as many strong women as it can, fictional or otherwise. Fortunately, they’re on the rise. Take inspiration from Briar Logan from A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere, because you, too, can be the hero of your own story.

We’re thankful for friendship. Friends are the family you choose, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have our friends in our lives. Far from your chosen family this Thanksgiving? Take comfort in a tale of friendship, like Gridley Girls– then call your friends and tell them how much you miss them.

We’re thankful for new perspectives.
In today’s political climate, it can be easy to surround yourself with people and media that reinforce your own opinions. But we’ll never make any progress towards understanding without trying to see the world through another’s eyes. Books like The House that Made Me force us to take a new perspective, which grows empathy and understanding.

We’re thankful for self-love and understanding.
Every story imparts lessons to its readers, some intended, others not. From these lessons, we’ve learned to love ourselves, and accept who we are. Books like The Balance Project remind us that it’s ok to not be perfect, to have everything together. We are all a work in progress.

Most of all, we’re thankful for you. Whether you are one of our amazing authors or a dedicated reader, you are the reason we are able to do what we do. Authors, thank you for entrusting us with your book babies. We know that sometimes it can be hard to let go. You’re writing awesome, innovative works, and we’re so grateful to be on this journey with you. Readers, thank you for reading. Your interest in our books, blog posts, and social media blows us away daily. Without you, there would be no SparkPress.

So from all of us at SparkPress and SparkPoint Studios as a whole,

Thank you.