It’s Valentine’s Day! What did you get for your special someone? While chocolate and flowers are always great options, they can feel a little impersonal. This year, show your partner how well you know them by getting something that reflects their interests. If your bae’s a book-lover, then we have suggestions (that aren’t just books or gift cards to buy books) for you!

Book Charm— $11.20-$13.31

You can get any book cover on these charms. The perfect addition to a book-lover’s charm bracelet, or easily swap out any other charm on a chain for a bookish necklace.

Litograph shirts— $34

See if you can find your book-loving bae’s favorite book in this extensive collection. Each shirt contains the entire text, wrapped to create an image from the book. T-shirts not your partner’s thing? The designs are also available as posters, totes, blankets, and pillows. You can even get a scarf with just the words, no design.


If your loved one likes to read late into the night, a booklight may be the perfect gift. It’s bright enough that their eyes won’t strain to read. But if you wanted to go to bed earlier, it’s small enough that the light shouldn’t bother you if your partner wants to read as you drift off.


Does your book-loving bae need to read with one hand, or better yet, hands free? One of these may be the solution. Now they won’t need to stop reading to cook or fold laundry, which means one less excuse to procrastinate. Bonus: some of these are adjustable. Uncomfortable reading positions begone!

Kindle (or other e-reader) case

While print books do have their advantages, the convenience of a kindle or other e-reader is unbeatable. If your sweetheart has jumped on the ebook train, then a case for their e-reader would make a great gift. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, you can find something that really shows off their style. Make sure to check what model of e-reader they’re using before you shop!

Bookish Mug— $10- $25

Whether they’re a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate person, nothing beats curling up with a good book and a warm beverage. This roundup from BookRiot has some of the cutest mugs out there.

Library Candles— $5-$28

Inspired by some of the most famous classic authors, these candles by Paddywax are each packaged with a quote by that author.

Folding Book Lamp—$22

You already light up your love’s life—and now your gift can light up their room! This lamp, cleverly disguised as a book, can be stored on a bookshelf when not in use. To turn it on, simply open the book. The LED light changes color based on how far it’s open. Ingenious!

Floating bookshelves—$16.99-$23.99

What could look cooler than bae’s books looking like they’re floating? Simply mount on the wall and snap a hardcover onto the base to conceal the shelf. Then stack the books up! You can just test the waters with two shelves, or if this something you know they’ll love, you can buy a four pack.

Cool bookends—$1.99-$229

No bookshelf is complete without some bookends. Whether you want to go the more literary route or pick up on another of your beloved’s interests, there are bookends for everyone’s style and budget. This list from BookRiot does a great job of showcasing a variety of options.

Binge-reading kit—$22.99

If your boo disappears for long stretches of time to read, this gift will assure that you stay on their mind. This small tin box contains fourteen must-have items when reading. This includes ear plugs, lip balm, bookmarks, coasters, a reading light, tissues, hand lotion, a thumb page holder, and more.


Choose two genres for your special someone and they’ll get one book in each genre along with a special gift or two. The category options are Children 3-7, Children 8-12, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Mystery, and Women’s Fiction. Past gifts have included iced tea bags, lip balm, chocolate, socks, sugar scrub, and bookmarks.