The Emmys are once again upon us! If you’re like us, you love a good story, no matter the form. As we wait with bated breath to see which of our favorite shows will sweep the awards this year, let’s take a look at some of the most nominated shows—and what to read if you love them.

If you loved Game of Thrones, read Echoes of War* by Cheryl Campbell

Once again, Game of Thrones is nominated an absurd number of times for its final season. If you loved this fantastical series about war and power, then Echoes of War might be for you. Instead of feeling vaguely medieval, Echoes of War, the first in the Echoes Trilogy, is distinctly set in the future, in a time when aliens have come to our planet. And their mission is to wipeout all who oppose their reign.

If you love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, read Stutterer Interrupted by Nina G.

Being a female stand-up comedian isn’t always easy. Midge experiences a lot of resistance to her unique brand of comedy, simply because she was a woman in comedy in the 1950s. Today, being a woman in comedy is not that unusual. However, Nina experiences much resistance to her unique brand of comedy because she stutters. This hilarious memoir follows her experiences with microaggressions against stutterers onstage and off.

If you loved When They See Us, read The Alchemy of Noise by Lorraine Devon Wilke

In When They See Us, five black boys are falsely accused of raping a white woman. This miniseries is based on a true story—one that took twenty-five years to be righted. If you’re interested in stories that address the intersection between race and the legal system, The Alchemy of Noise may be right up your alley. In it, Chris, a black man, confronts the cops several times. In the most dramatic confrontation, he is accused of kidnapping a young white girl. 

If you love Saturday Night Live, read The Cast by Amy Blumenfeld

If you love Saturday Night Live, what better to read than a story in which SNL actually inspires a major plot point? In this tale of life-long friendship, a group of ninth graders make a Saturday Night Live-style video for their terminally ill friend Becca. It has her laughing all the way to recovery, and twenty-five years later, the group reunites to celebrate her health. The Cast will remind you of the power of laughter and friendship.

If you love Killing Eve, read Firewallby Eugenia Lovett West

Who doesn’t love a good spy thriller? In Firewall, the third in the Emma Streat Mysteries series, Emma once again finds herself entangled with a handful of spies. While she herself isn’t affiliated with any spy organization, her unique skillsets make her an asset. Between affairs, jet-setting across the world, near-death encounters, and unravelling the world of cybercrime, this book promises to get your blood racing.

If you liked Veep, read Vote for Remi by Leanna Lehman

On Veep, Selina Meyer must navigate the world of modern American politics as Vice President of the United States. If you love this satirical look at the White House and its administration, then a funny and heartwarming story about a grassroots, viral social media campaign for Remi Covington, a U.S. Government teacher, by her “academically challenged” students. To their surprise, Remi finds herself the darling of the American public.


*not out yet, but available for preorder now