With the big announcement that Netflix is adapting The Chronicles of Narnia, now seems the perfect time to discuss what other binge-worthy book adaptions should be on your Netflix watch list.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This Netflix Original based on the novel by Jenny Han follows Lara Jean, a sixteen-year-old girl who writes love letters that are never supposed to see the light of day. Her little sister, Kitty, mails them out one day, and Laura Jean is mortified—especially since one of them was to her older sister’s ex-boyfriend, Josh. To show him she’s over him, she starts fake dating Peter, another recipient of a letter, but soon their relationship starts to feel real.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This Academy Award-winning film, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Harper Lee was an instant classic, and is now available on Netflix. In this story of growing up in 1930’s Alabama, Scout and Jem Finch are exposed to racism and poverty through their father’s work as a lawyer. In particular, the trial of Tom Robinson, a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman, has a profound effect on the children.


This BAFTA-winning modern adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories does take some liberties, but keeps true to the essence of Sherlock Holmes. Told in seasons of three 90-minute episodes, there are only twelve episodes out to date, not including Christmas specials. One unique part of the show is that they show how Sherlock thinks, noting little details that imply something about a person.

The Shannara Chronicles

Based on The Sword of Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks, this series is a hidden gem. The first season roughly follows the plot of The Elfstones of Shannara, the second in the trilogy. It’s the story of Wil, a half-human/half-elf who is destined to save the Four Lands from demons; Amberle, the Elven Princess who is the first to be accepted as one of the Chosen; and Eriteria, a human raised by thieves—and their path to save the Ellcrys tree and the Four Lands.

Orange is the New Black

As Netflix’s most-watched original series, OITNB is so compelling that it’s easy to forget that it’s based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. The series follows Piper Chapman, who was arrested for a crime she committed 10 years prior to her imprisonment. The show delves deep into the characters’ backstories and illustrates the issues of prisoner health and safety, prison privatization, and guard brutality.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

While this Netflix Original is a new release, it has already created quite the controversy. Based on Cyrano de Bergeracby Edmond Rostand, the show is changed up a little from the book. Instead of Cyrano writing letters for Roxanne on behalf of Christian, Sierra texts Jamey, who thinks it’s Veronica on the other end. Some of the parts viewers are most upset about (catfishing, a quasi-nonconsensual kiss) are lifted directly from the source material.

A Wrinkle in Time

This adaption of the classic novel by Madeleine L’Engle was released in theaters just this year, but has already made its way to Netflix. While some major plot points from the book had to be cut, the movie more than makes up for it with stunning images and a star-studded cast. Follow Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin as they go on the adventure of a lifetime, and learn to love and accept themselves for who they are.


Did we miss your favorite adaption on Netflix? Let us know below! And be sure to check out this listwith our picks from last year, some of which are still up.