There is more that goes into creating the perfect #bookstagram than meets the eye. In our previous post, Book Staging 101, we went over the basics of capturing that perfect picture. But with the ever-evolving book-staging craft, there are always new ways to get that killer shot. When books are all staged the same way—even if you’re adding new props—using the same pose can make your feed seem stale. It’s time to dive into some major details on the different ways you can display the book to keep your bookstagram interesting.


This is the bread and butter of staging, the most common way to display a book. It captures the title and author’s name while being the perfect pose for when you really want to show off the cover design. Plus, it allows some room to play around. Throw in some props to spunk up the picture, maybe toss in some fairy-lights in the background. Or you can get very specific with this style and create a symmetrical pattern that will satisfy our inner craving for balance. There are infinite ways to style a flat-lay, making it a classic.