The delightful, if somewhat controversial, musical comedy known as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has come to an end. If you’re still mourning the end of this romp covering topics like mental illness, alcoholism, coming out later in life, and reproduction—fear not! Although these books don’t come with musical numbers, they do have themes that will resonate with fans of the show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Love You Like the Skyby Sarah Neustadter

If Rebecca’s suicide attempt in Season 3 broke your heart, you can recapture that pain all over again with Love You Like the Sky. This heart-wrenching memoir consists of letters that Neustadter wrote to her boyfriend in the years following his suicide. As Neustadter is also a psychologist, her book also acts as a roadmap through grief if you are a survivor of a beloved’s suicide.

The Rules of Half by Jenna Patrick

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca struggles with a variety of misdiagnoses until she is finally treated by a new doctor who diagnoses her with borderline personality disorder. BPD is often misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder, and vice-versa. For a story about someone with bipolar disorder, follow Will Fletcher in The Rules of Half as he’s forced into the role he fears most: fatherhood.

The Half-Life of Remorse by Grant Jarrett

Sometimes, a chance encounter with someone from your past can change the course of your life. Take Rebecca’s and Josh’s chance encounter on the streets of New York—or Chic’s and Sam’s chance encounter on the streets of Muncie. Like Rebecca, who is haunted by her meltdown-fueled arson, Chic is haunted by his botched burglary that resulted in the death of two.

The Opposite of Never by Mary Kathleen Mehuron

After his divorce, Darryl has settled into his life as a lawyer and starts to think of love as something in his past. It’s only when he develops a crush on his fitness instructor, White Josh, that he is forced to confront his sexuality and decides to give love another go. Similarly, Georgia and Kenny both thought that they’d never love again—until they met each other.

Just Like February by Deborah Batterman

While Darryl may have still been in the closet in the ’80s, White Josh has dated many an older guy, many of whom likely experienced the AIDS epidemic and saw people they loved die. Thus, even though it’s not something explicitly talked about on the show, it is something that White Josh and his exes do have to deal with.

Quiet the Rage by R.W. Burke

Let’s be honest: Nathaniel really needed this book. When he bought out half of Whitefeather & Associates, he was a huge dick. Largely due to repressed issues with his father, he often lashed out at coworkers. He saw them as incompetent. Instead of engaging and guiding them toward more effective work, he berated and dismissed them.

Hostile Takeover by Phyllis J. Piano

With Rebecca’s obsession with love, you know we had to include at least one romance novel on this list. Hostile Takeover’s workplace-romance story is a bit reminiscent of Rebecca and Nathaniel. Attorney Molly Parr’s first love, a man who she felt betrayed her, has reappeared in her life. He’s launching a hostile takeover of her business. Can she follow her heart? What will it cost her?

Gridley Girls by Meredith First

If you just loved the #squadgoals presented by the #girlgang of Rebecca, Valencia, Paula, and Heather, you’ll enjoy this story of another girl gang. Told largly through flashbacks, Gridley Girls follows Meg, Anne, Jennifer, and Tonya as they prep for Anne’s wedding. They recall their years in high school, when everything seemed so much easier—but was it really?


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