When it comes to Halloween, I think we all have had our fair share of candy and movies. Doing the same old things can sometimes leave you in a scary rut. If you want to do something new this Halloween, look no further! Find a comfy spot to sit and a bag of your favorite treats. We’ve paired some classic Halloween movies you love with our favorite Sparkpress books to keep you entertained during this spooky season.

If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas, read Deepest Blue by Mindy Tarquini

With its iconic characters and catchy soundtrack, The Nightmare Before Christmas is on everyone’s Halloween watch list. The story revolves around Jack Skellington, who is tired of the same routine and wants to break free. In Deepest Blue, everyone’s path is mapped out. Their destinies are determined at birth. That includes Matteo, who is destined to take the position of Legendary Protector of Panduri’s border. That is until his older brother, Antonio, pulls rank over him and heads to the border instead, causing Matteo’s life to skid off course. Now Matteo is determined to pursue a new and unexpected path.

If you like Hocus Pocus, read The Blue Witch by Alane Adams

Magic and witches fit right in with the Halloween season. If you love Hocus Pocus for its witchcraft and clever humor, look no further than The Blue Witch. Abigail attends Tarkana Witch Academy, but her powers haven’t awakened yet. It’s not until her best friend, Hugo, is in danger that she’s able to access her powers. But her magic is not like the other witches—it’s blue. When Abigail is challenged to attack a Viken in the forest to prove her abilities, she finds herself captured by an Omera. The powerful winged beast insists Abigail use her magic to help her hatchling out of its shell. If she doesn’t, she might become Omera food.

If you like Coraline, read The Thorn Queen by Elise Holland

Coraline is a classic cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for. When she decides she wants new parents, twelve-year-old Coraline finds a new mother who is not as she seems. In The Thorn Queen, twelve-year-old Meylyne is the daughter of the greatest alchemist in Glendoch. Wanting to make her busy mother proud, she ends up finding herself in trouble instead after landing on the sickly prince. On the brink of being sentenced to the Shadow-Cellars, she must find the cure for the prince to clear her name. The dangers she encounters on her journey are all from the Thorn Queen, who may not be as she seems.

If you like Casper, read Below the Moon by Alexis Marie Chute

Casper is not like other mischievous ghosts. He’s kind and makes friends with Kat, a young girl living in the house he is supposedly haunting. Despite being from two different dimensions, the two make an unlikely friendship. In Below the Moon, the second book of the 8th Island Trilogy, Ella Wellsley lives in another parallel dimension. After suffering from cancer that left her mute, it’s up to Ella and her allies to locate the cure—one that’s entangled in a fate that may alter both worlds. With the help of her magical boyfriend, her mother, and her grandpa, Ella must unlock the mystery of the Star and the chaos it has created.

If you love E.T., read Pursuits Unknown by Ellen Clary

Everyone loves the squishy alien E.T. After being found by a young boy, Elliot and his new alien friend form a special connection. It’s up to Elliot to get E.T. off the planet before the government takes him. Pursuits Unknown shows another special connection, this time between a woman and her dog. Amy specializes in finding people who are lost with the help of her dog, Lars, with whom she shares a telepathic connection. When they locate a missing scientist, they realize this is not a typical missing-persons case. The assignment appears to be an attempt to steal his research, which could impact the overpopulated world. Amy and Lars must make sure the research doesn’t fall into wrong hands or it could lead to serious consequences.

If you love Ghost Busters, read Echoes of War by Cheryl Campbell

It’s up to a group of scientists and their gadgets to rid the world of ghosts. All they know is that the gatekeeper and the key master can’t meet or it could lead to the end of humankind! In Echoes of War, the first book in the Echoes Trilogy, the human race is also being threatened. This time by Wardens, a genocidal faction of aliens called Echoes. Dani survives by scavenging supplies until she learns a secret: she is an Echo. After discovering her roots, Dani knows the only way to stop the Wardens and survive is by uniting the human military and confronting her own alien history.