As season four of The Magicians comes to a close, we’ll have to wait until 2020 to reunite with this cast of quirky, wonderful, and sometimes awful characters. In the meantime, here’s a book that reflects the values or personality of each of the main characters—or something that they absolutely should have read.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Quentin + The Cast by Amy Blumenfeld

To Quentin, his friends are the most important thing. In fact, when the monster inside Eliot was deciding what order he should kill them all in, he identified Quentin as last because he loved them all. A story about the enduring bonds of friendship, even when everything goes wrong, would absolutely appeal to him.

Julia + The Blue Witch by Alane Adams

Both Julia and Abigail have trouble with their magic at first. Julia is rejected from Brakebills, while Abigail can’t seem to call up her powers. However, both of these women turn out to be kind-of goddesses—Abigail by blood and Julia by mercy. Their powers become unparalleled by their peers.

Alice + Quiet the Rage by R.W. Burke

In Alice’s search for power and her own limits, she loses her Shade and becomes a Niffin—a spirit of pure magic without morality and empathy. Even once her Shade is returned, she is never the same, and is prone to anger. A book like this could help her mend the bridges between her and her friends.

Penny + The Book of Calm by Nancy G. Shapiro

Back in the first season, Penny’s head was so crowded he thought he was losing his mind. As a Traveler and Psychic, he could not only hear the thoughts of those around him, but also those from other worlds. A book like this could have helped clear his mind much earlier, stopping him from relying on the voice of the Beast to guide him.

Eliot + Within Reach by Jessica Stevens

While Eliot would definitely prefer to read something cute and gay, in his predicament of being possessed by the Monster, he could absolutely relate to Xan—dead and trying to tell the person he loves that he’s still there. After all, Eliot’s deepest regret was pushing Quentin away when they discovered memories of their life together in an alternate timeline.

Margo + Girl with a Gun by Kari Bovée

Margo is, in a word, a badass. She fought tooth and nail for every shred of power she has—losing an eye and being crowned High King in the process. Thus, if she’s going to sit down and read something for fun, the protagonist had better be as badass as she is. Who better than Annie Oakley?

Kady + A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere by Kris Radish

Kady’s cold detached attitude is absolutely reflected in that of loner Briar Logan. Both of them only team up with people in order to right a wrong. For Kady, that could include stopping a rogue librarian from killing hedge witches. For Briar, it’s to rescue her husband from kidnappers.

Fen + Sarah’s War by Eugenia Lovett West

Since Fen is native to Fillory, stories of Earth fascinate her. As she was raised to marry the High King, her whole life has been spent learning to navigate political situations. She would love a story of another young woman navigating the politics in the land her husband and friends are from.

Josh + Oh, What a Treat! by Sandra Denneler

As the royal chef, Josh is always creating new delicious recipes for the Kings and Queens of Fillory, as well as their guests and staff. He would be absolutely delighted to try his hand at these creations. They would certainly be crowd pleasers with Fillorians and Earthlings alike.