Star Wars fans everywhere always get excited about their unofficial holiday on May 4th. For decades, the Star Wars franchise has captivated audiences. It has proven to be a timeless story of adventure across the galaxies. No matter who your favorite character is, we have paired each one with a SparkPress book that tells the story of a very similar character.


Darth Vader and The Blue Witch by Alane Adams

While he may be the embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force and the series’ most powerful villain, Darth Vader wasn’t always a bad person. In the Prequel trilogy, we learn how Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, was a powerful Jedi who continued to surpass people’s expectations. Similar to Anakin, The Blue Witch tells the story of Abigail Tarkana, who dreams of becoming the greatest witch of all time. Both of these characters showed great potential as children and grow up to surpass their wildest ambitions.


Luke Skywalker and The House Children by Heidi Daniele

Raised by his aunt and uncle, Luke Skywalker never knew his true parents growing up. It isn’t until after a few hard battles that Darth Vader reveals himself as Luke’s father. After this shocking revelation, Luke is left with feelings of anger, confusion, and resentment. Similarly, The House Children tells the story of Mary Margaret Joyce who, at a young age, was sent to a school for orphans and unwanted children. After feeling abandoned and lost all her life, Mary finds out that her mother’s identity—the woman from the kind host family that took her on summer holiday. Both Luke’s and Mary’s lives are turned upside down with the revelation of who their parents are, and their decisions that follow shape who they become.


Princess Leia and Sarah’s War by Eugenia Lovett West

Growing up as a Senator’s daughter, Princess Leia was always very involved with galactic politics. She jumped at any opportunity to lead missions for her father and help the Rebellion against the Empire. As rumors spread about the construction of a Death Star, Princess Leia volunteers to go on a dangerous mission to steal the plans for it. Similarly, Sarah’s War is set during a war—the American Revolution. Sarah Champion, much like Leia, is the daughter of a Patriot and volunteers to spy on British officers. Both stories focus on strong female leaders who take tremendous risks to fight for causes they believe in.


Yoda and Deepest Blue by Mindy Tarquini

Yoda, one of the oldest Jedi, is Luke’s mentor who teaches him about the Force. By becoming one with the powerful energy flowing through every living being, Yoda teaches how harnessing the power of the Force will bring Luke peace and guidance. Being in touch with the Force allows someone to be more aware of the world around them and they can use it to see visions of potential futures. Contrarily, Deepest Blue tells the story of a city where everyone’s life is predetermined and controlled by an unwavering star. When Matteo’s older brother makes a decision that goes against his fate, it derails everything Matteo thought he knew about how the world works. Both the Force and the predetermined nature of Deepest Blue make characters contemplate their place in the world and how they may be able to choose their own path.


Han Solo and Mission Afghanistan by Elie Paul Cohen

Over the course of the Star Wars movies, Han Solo goes from being a mud trooper for the Empire, to an infamous smuggler, to a hero of the Resistance. Han Solo is someone who prides himself as being indifferent to who is in control of the Federation. It isn’t until he meets Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker that he begins to see the importance in fighting for what’s right. Similarly, Elie Cohen describes in his memoir, Mission Afghanistan, how he went from an antimilitarist to an emergency doctor in Afghanistan. Both characters are faced with conflicts that cause them to rethink their beliefs, which results in them becoming heroes.


Chewbacca and Pursuits Unknown* by Ellen Clary

The fearless and loyal Chewbacca has been everything from a Wookiee warrior to the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo. Over the years of smuggling with Han then fighting alongside him during the Rebellion, the two have an unbreakable bond that makes them the perfect team. Pursuits Unknown also follows an unlikely pair as Amy searches for lost people with her kelpie-shepherd mix, Lars. The two use their telepathic bond to communicate and help them succeed.


*not out yet, but available for pre-order now