Nothing makes for a better evening than settling down with a good book and a glass of wine. In honor of National Wine Day on May 25, here are some of the best book and wine pairings.

Trouble the Water by Jacqueline Friedland + Pinot Noir
When Abigail Milton’s family sinks into debt, they send her to America to live with an old friend. Arriving in Charleston at the age of seventeen, Abigail soon discovers that her benefactor, the mysterious and dashing Douglas Eilling, is involved in an elaborate abolitionist movement. Through it all, Abigail must balance keeping secrets and finding her place in the antebellum South.

Nothing suits this dramatic and rich tale better than a sophisticated, dry red, like pinot noir.

Just Like February by Deborah Batterman + Pinot Grigio
Rachel adores her uncle Jake. She prefers to spend time with him rather than with her parents who constantly fight. The she learns that he’s gay and has been diagnosed with AIDS, forcing her to confront the homophobia of the eighties while she’s navigating her own broken home.

A coming-of-age story like this deserves a glass of pinot grigio. Maybe two glasses, actually.

The Frontman by Ron Bahar + Riesling
Insecure seventeen-year-old Ron Bahar doesn’t know how to balance his own dreams with the expectations of his Israeli immigrant parents. He doesn’t know how to choose between music and medicine, and a forbidden relationship he has with a non-Jewish girl isn’t making things any easier.

A light sweet Riesling is perfect for this raucous fictionalized memoir about finding one’s place in the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The Opposite of Never by Mary Kathleen Mehuron + Chardonnay
After they each lose their spouses, Kenny and Georgia must carry on for the sake of their children. When Georgia and her hiking buddies meet Kenny, they hit it off well. As Georgia and Kenny find solace in each other, Kenny’s stepdaughter also falls in love—and into a struggle with opiate addiction. Desperate for a happy ending, Kenny takes Georgia on a trip to Havana, where even more surprises await them.

Filled with heartbreak and hope, this bittersweet novel was practically written to be enjoyed with a glass of chardonnay in hand.

Engineering a Life by Krishan K. Bedi + Cabernet Sauvignon
Leaving his small Indian village, Krishan set out to get an education and came to the United States at the age of twenty—with only $300 in his pocket. He began a new life in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he learned how to adapt to American culture while staying true to his own dreams.

The full-bodied and robust flavors of cabernet sauvignon are a perfect complement to Bedi’s touching story.

But Not Forever by Jan Von Schleh + Merlot
It’s 2015, and Sonnet McKay, the daughter of a diplomat, is home for the summer. Her life is perfect, except for the fact that her stunning sister constantly outshines her. More than a century ago in 1895, Emma Sweetwine feels trapped in the same Victorian mansion that Sonnet lives in today. But then the two fifteen-year-olds find themselves switched in time, changing everything.

Elegant and popular, merlot perfectly matches the tone and mood of But Not Forever.

Hidden by Kelli Clare* + Rosé
After her sister and grandmother are murdered, small-town art teacher Ellie James is thrust into a world of assassins, secret societies, and family intrigue. When a threat is made on her own life, she takes her young niece and escapes to England with Will Hastings, a seductive and mysterious Englishmen she met days before. As assassins and paparazzi alike close in on her, Ellie must face the lies she’s built her life around and uncover the shocking truth about her family’s, and her own, past.

Kelli Clare’s thrilling novel and a refreshing glass of rosé would make for the perfect summer afternoon.


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