Whether it’s your own personal book club or a bedtime story, reading with your mom is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Reading a book with someone allows you to connect and bond over a common story or theme. No matter what age you are, we have gathered some SparkPress books that would be perfect to read with your mom on Mother’s Day!


For Children

The Circus Thief by Alane Adams

Set in the 1920s, this book creates a nostalgia to a time when amazing animals and personable performers dazzled people of all ages at the traveling circuses. When Georgie goes to the circus with his Papa and best friend, he gets the opportunity of a lifetime: to ride a trained horse during the main event. This is the final show for the horse, and when it decides to run off with Georgie on her back, Papa must come to his rescue. This book is full of compassion, kindness, adventure, and excitement. It will keep both your youngest children and your mom entertained with each new page!


For Pre-Teens

The Blue Witch by Alane Adams

Before her son became a hero in the Legends of Orkney, Abigail Tarkana was a young witch trying to learn magic as best she could at the Tarkana Witch Academy. This prequel focuses on the struggles this young witch must face before she realizes she has a power in her that no one has seen before! This fast-paced story, rich with Norse mythology, will inspire young readers to find what makes them unique, like Abigail, and wonder if their mom also went on thrilling adventures when they were young.


For Young Teens

Below the Moon by Alexis Marie Chute

While cancer may have left her mute, Ella Wellsley is anything but a powerless teenager. Despite being trapped in a parallel dimension, Ella musters up all of her strength to join her mother, grandpa, and magical boyfriend to search for a cure to her illness. In order to unlock the cure’s mystery, the Wellsley family must face a web of betrayal, secrets, and a troubled past. Each with their own unearthly ability, the journey of the Wellsleys will captivate teens and parents alike as they root for the family to find the cure Ella so desperately needs.


For Older Teens

But Not Forever by Jan Von Schleh

When two identical fifteen-year-old girls stand in the same spot at the same moment, 120 years apart, they get switched in time. Sonnet McKay finds herself in a Victorian mansion in 1895, while Emma Sweetwine jumps forward to 2015. Emma has always felt trapped in her Victorian mansion, and finds the motherly love she craves in Sonnet’s aunt. Sonnet, on the other hand, is freed from her stunning sister’s shadow and discovers love. The girls find themselves torn, as they miss their homes, but they don’t want to give up the connections they now have. Reading the story of these two girls will keep teens wondering how it will end, and spur appreciation for the loved ones in their lives today.


For Adults 20s-40s

Bedside Manners by Heather Frimmer

Faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, Joyce questions her future. Her daughter, Marine, gets ready to embark on a promising journey at medical school, a surgical internship, and an upcoming wedding. Not wanting to give up her caregiver role, Joyce distracts herself by planning Marine’s wedding. Meanwhile, Marnie is forced to face the reality of her mother’s condition when one of her patients dies suddenly. Struggling to balance her roles as a doctor and daughter, Marine finds herself growing close to her mother during this difficult time. In the face of life’s challenges and uncertainties, readers will recognize how important it is to be with people that share your values and experiences. For those who are facing a lot of changes, like college or starting a career, this book shows the importance of family support.


For Adults 50+

The Opposite of Never by Mary Kathleen Mehuron

After the devastating loss of their spouses, Kenny and Georgia begin to think the best parts of their life are behind them. However, when Georgia and her friends Linda and Yvonne meet Kenny, they instantly feel connected and become a close group of friends. Eventually Kenny and Georgia start becoming closer as Kenny’s stepdaughter, Zelda, and Yvonne’s son, Spencer, also fall in love. As they all create connections and build meaningful bonds, they find a new meaning in their lives. For mothers that may be older and their children, this is the perfect book to remind you to never give up on love and the excitement life can bring when you least expect it.