Many people find themselves with extra free time during the summer, which means more time to read! Summer is the perfect time to whittle down your TBR pile. Regardless of how you spend your summer, we have a book for you.


If you’re spending the summer hiking, read Resistant by Rachael Sparks

After surviving an antibiotic world crisis, Rory and her father find themselves facing even more challenges. Once a closely held secret is unveiled, revealing that Rory’s blood may be the key to finding a cure, Rory and her father are forced to flee. While running from those who plan to sell the cure to the highest bidder, Rory must constantly overcome each obstacle in her path to safety. As you overcome the mountains along your hiking trail, this adventurous novel will motivate you and keep you constantly entertained.


If you’re spending the summer camping, read Tree Dreams by Kristin Kaye

Growing up in a logging community, seventeen-year-old Jane Reynolds is shocked to her core when she witnesses a violent clash between a tree sitter and a local logger. To gain clarity, she runs away and finds herself living with environmentalists a hundred feet above ground in the middle of a redwood grove. Moved by their willingness to risk their lives in protecting the forest, Jane feels divided about which side to support, so she turns to the trees themselves in an attempt to become one with nature. This story will make you think about your own relationship with nature as you embark on your summer camping trip.


If you’re spending the summer traveling, read Found by Emily Brett

Not wanting to miss out on seeing the world, ICU nurse Natalie Ulster decides to accept assignments in Belize, Australia, and Arizona. While she is able to escape the stressors at home, Natalie continues to find herself barely surviving one accident after another, with a growing suspicion that someone is trying to kill her. But Natalie doesn’t let this stop her from seeing the world and trying new experiences! Whether you’re traveling within the US or going somewhere far away, this book is the perfect way to tap into your adventurous side and keep you on your toes.


If you’re spending the summer by the pool, read Pursuits Unknown* by Ellen Clary

Amy and her dog Lars use their telepathic connection to find missing people. During one particular mission, Amy finds herself diving into a lake in search of answers. Even when they feel as though they’re doing nothing but treading water, Amy and Lars stick together and take care of each other. So, no matter where their journey takes them, Pursuits Unknown will pull you in and fill your pool day with adventure.


If you’re spending the summer at work or at a summer job, read A Song for the Road* by Rayne Lacko

After a tornado destroys his hometown of Tulsa, Carter Danforth’s mom decides to send him to his aunt in Reno. Instead of taking a plane, Carter embarks on a road trip across the country. He finds himself stranded at a bar where he is hired as a cook. While working in the kitchen, Carter meets the man who will soon become his mentor and he discovers a hidden talent for cooking. Carter spends his time at the bar working hard and eventually invents a new recipe for deep-fried yucca blossoms. During this detour on his journey to Reno, Carter learns more about himself, his ability to achieve his goals, and the value of hard work.


If you’re spending the summer taking classes, read Engineering a Life by Krishan Bedi

Immigrating from a small town in India, this book follows the inspirational true story of Krishan Bedi’s pursuit of the American Dream. With only three hundred dollars in his pocket, Krishan was determined to get an American education and achieve his dreams of becoming an engineer. Dedicated to his studies and his goal, Krishan shows how you can achieve anything with hard work, even if things don’t go exactly how you planned. This book will inspire you to finish your classes strong and keep sight of why you’re taking extra classes and trying to further your education.


If you’re spending the summer writing, read A Story that Matters by Gina Carroll

Summer is a great time to work on improving your writing, start your next book, or finish a draft that has you feeling stuck. A Story That Matters will help spark your creativity and give you helpful hints at all stages of the writing process. The book breaks down many common mistakes when writing a story—especially when it comes to writing about your own life—and shows how to easily avoid them. From finishing a first draft to turning it into a compelling story, this book will help you make the most of your time writing this summer.


If you’re spending the summer with kids, read Camp Grandma by Marianne Waggoner Day

Whether you’re spending time with your kids or grandchildren during their summer vacation, or you’ve taken up a summer babysitting job, Camp Grandma will help you rethink how you spend your time with kids! Marianne Day has taken her experience of working in the business industry and used the skills she’s gained to create a new and innovative way to teach children life lessons. Using the techniques in this book, you’ll be teaching the kids in your life valuable skills, while still having fun, in no time.


If you’re spending the summer back home, read Rooville by Julie Long

If you’re spending time with family or returning to your roots this Summer, then Rooville is perfect for you. It follows the story of a California weatherman, Owen Martin, who returns to his childhood home in Iowa for the first time in years. Expecting it to be the same small town he left, Owen is shocked to discover the town has grown immensely and is continuously changing. Forced to confront the changes around him, Owen must help the town come to terms with changing times while keeping traditions alive.