Since NBC’s rescue of Brooklyn Nine-Nine after Fox Network’s cancellation, this hilarious cop comedy has been steadily rising in ratings and closed out its sixth season with a bang. Thirteen episodes have already been ordered for Season 7, but NBC has not released the air date. If you’re killing time waiting for more Brooklyn Nine-Nine like we are, here are the SparkPress title pairings for your favorite team of crime-solvers.


Detective Jake PeraltaAlchemy’s Air by Stacey L. Tucker

Jake Peralta was a self-proclaimed non-reader at the beginning of the series, but in Season 4 that turned around. He read Harry Potter because he knew that Amy loved it. He said the fictional Skyfire Cycle series are the greatest books ever written. Jake’s reading renaissance is clearly fantasy-centric, so we’ve paired him with Alchemy’s Air, Book 2 of the Equal Night Trilogy. Skylar’s journey continues as she uses the ancient Book of Sophia to venture on a quest within the Underworld of Earth to restore something long lost—and discover a few things about the world along the way. With adventure and the battle between light and darkness, it’s safe to say that Tucker’s second book would be right up Jake Peralta’s alley.


Captain Raymond HoltThe Restless Hungarian by Tom Weidlinger

Raymond Holt would probably rather outwardly giggle than read fiction. A lover of art, classical music, and history, we imagine that Holt needs a book that has as many layers as he has. We’ve paired him an incredible memoir we know he would love: The Restless Hungarian. Tom Weidlinger’s story, set against the rise of modernism, the Jewish Diaspora, and the Cold War, explores one man’s persevering journey toward the American Dream. We know Holt would respect Weidlinger’s innovation and success in spite of those trying to bring him down.

Detective Charles Boyle
Oh What a Treat! by Sandra Denneler

If there’s one thing that Charles loves more than Jake, it’s food. Whether it’s writing a blog dedicated to the best pizza in New York or drowning his sorrows in what Jake calls “fish donuts,” Boyle is a foodie to his core. That’s why we’ve paired him with Oh What a Treat! by Sandra Denneler. With step-by-step guides, Denneler shows readers how to turn dessert into incredibly imaginative creations. These intricate, edible crafts would please any foodie, and Charles Boyle would be no exception.


Sergeant Amy SantiagoSarah’s War by Eugenia Lovett West

Passionate, brave, and dedicated to her work, Amy Santiago is a vital part of the Nine-Nine. Willing to do anything for the people she loves, her dream is to rise through the ranks to become a police captain. Because of Amy’s hunger to contribute to a cause, we’ve paired her with Sarah’s War by Eugenia Lovett West. Sarah’s desire to serve her country during the Revolutionary War leads to spying on British officers, ultimately passing information to George Washington. Her own strength of heart is what accomplishing her goals. We know that Amy would relate to such a resilient protagonist.


Lieutenant Terry Jeffords
Quiet the Rage by R.W. Burke

Terry is possibly one of the most patient and deep characters in the Nine-Nine. After Terry’s rough childhood—combating body-image issues and an abusive father—we know that he is striving to be a good dad and an understanding friend. Because we know he is constantly striving to better himself, we’ve paired Terry with Quiet the Rage. With information about avoiding harmful thinking patterns that lead to combativeness, Burke explains how to achieve a higher level of peace. Though Terry is already an empathetic character, we think that he would love this read.


Detective Rosa DiazGirl with a Gun by Kari Bovée

Rosa Diaz isn’t ever put off by danger—in fact, she welcomes it. With a stoic and abrasive disposition, Rosa would value stories with strong women who aren’t afraid of taking the reins. Because of that, we’ve paired Rosa with Girl with a Gun. Like Rosa, Annie Oakley is an independent woman who is as talented at solving crimes as she is with a gun. Neither is afraid to dive right into the action head-on. With plenty of murder and detective work, Bovée’s Annie Oakley series would appeal to a tough, incredible character like Rosa.


Gina LinettiPotty Mouthed by Anne Johnsos

Gina is an unforgettable member of the Nine-Nine. Though in the most recent season she’s preoccupied with her own business ventures, nothing is more important to her than her daughter Iggy. Gina is the sassy, savvy, “human form of the 100 emoji” we all love, and takes her humor into motherhood like a pro. As a first-time mom, we think that Gina would love these hilarious conversations in this book that Johnsos has had with her own children. Not only are these short entries ideal for busy parents, but the almost Tweet-like format will have Gina feeling right at home.