Since NBC’s rescue of Brooklyn Nine-Nine after Fox Network’s cancellation, this hilarious cop comedy has been steadily rising in ratings and closed out its sixth season with a bang. Thirteen episodes have already been ordered for Season 7, but NBC has not released the air date. If you’re killing time waiting for more Brooklyn Nine-Nine like we are, here are the SparkPress title pairings for your favorite team of crime-solvers.


Detective Jake PeraltaAlchemy’s Air by Stacey L. Tucker

Jake Peralta was a self-proclaimed non-reader at the beginning of the series, but in Season 4 that turned around. He read Harry Potter because he knew that Amy loved it. He said the fictional Skyfire Cycle series are the greatest books ever written. Jake’s reading renaissance is clearly fantasy-centric, so we’ve paired him with Alchemy’s Air, Book 2 of the Equal Night Trilogy. Skylar’s journey continues as she uses the ancient Book of Sophia to venture on a quest within the Underworld of Earth to restore something long lost—and discover a few things about the world along the way. With adventure and the battle between light and darkness, it’s safe to say that Tucker’s second book would be right up Jake Peralta’s alley.


Captain Raymond HoltThe Restless Hungarian by Tom Weidlinger

Raymond Holt would probably rather outwardly giggle than read fiction. A lover of art, classical music, and history, we imagine that Holt needs a book that has as many layers as he has.