What I Learned as a Spark Press Intern 

by Elizabeth Schroeder 

For the past few months, I have been interning with SparkPoint Studio as the Editorial/Publishing intern. I currently attend Arizona State University’s honors college and I am double majoring in Creative Writing and Film and Media Studies with a minor in Business. In order to better understand the publishing industry, I was able to work hands-on with the editorial team at both SparkPress and She Writes Press. Starting out, I had no idea what to expect, but throughout this experience I have been able to constantly learn new things about an industry I love while work with an amazing group of women.  


What do I do Day-to-Day?

On my very first day, my supervisors walked me through the process authors go through to publish their book. Since then, I have helped with many different aspects of the publishing process. One of my primary responsibilities is writing for the Spark Press blog. Over the past few months I have written twelve blog posts on a wide variety of topics, from author birthdays and national holidays to round ups and grammar tips.